Hide & Seek by Il Sung Na!!!!




Hide & Seek

Author: Il Sung Na


As Elephant counts from one to ten, all the animals find special places to hide. When it's time to seek, will he be able to find everyone . . . even Chameleon?

Like Na's previous books, Hide & Seek offers rich illustrations, bright colors, and a simple, spare text—all wrapped up in a beautiful kid-friendly package. Elephant counts from one to ten in big, bold numerals, and there's an additional butterfly on each spread, giving readers something to count as the story goes along. Kids will also love spotting the camouflaged chameleon on every page!


Editorial Review

The illustrations in Hide & Seek are colourful, beautiful, and unique. The story line is simple and sweet, and readers will like counting to 10 with Elephant until he is ready to find his friends. This book would be enjoyable for one-on-one sharing, so children can pore over the distinctive art and look for the hidden animals. The friends are very easy to find, except Chameleon. Preschoolers will delight in the fanciful illustrations and want to participate in the counting down and play hide-and-seek. A lovely addition to most collections.

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