Horrible Histories - Ten Beastly Books




Want to know what the 'Shepard of the Royal Backside' had to do in Ancient Egypt? Or why white knickers could kill you during the Second World War? Or why dedicated doctors in Ancient Greece used to taste their patients' ear wax?

Then you'll love this gruesomely boxset packed with 10 horrible books covering everything you didn't want to know about the awful Egyptians, Vile Victorians, Ruthless Romans and more! Read along with Terry Deary and Martin Brown as they introduce you to the not so wonderful world of history bulging with hundreds of gory facts and funny pictures.

This box set includes: 

- Terrifying Tudors

- Vile Victorians

- Awful Egyptians

- Measley Middle Ages

- Groovy Greeks

- Gorgeous Georgians

- Slimy Stuarts

- Ruthless Romans

- Frightful First World War 

- Woeful Second World War

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