Walker Stories Collection - 30 Books


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Walker Stories Collection - 30 Books

  • Author: Various
  • Recommended Age: 6 years+
  • Dimensions: 28.5cm x 20.0cm

For decades, Walker Books have created beautiful books that have become staples on the bookshelves of children. This impressive collection of 30 books will introduce children aged 6+ to a range of varied, familiar and easy-to-follow stories and even encompasses a range of real-life topics that will be sure to educate young children. From family to friends, home to hobbies, special occasions to amazing animals, pets to playtime, as well as characters from a range of backgrounds and nationalities and themes that include gentle morals for growing up, this brilliantly priced collection features plenty of tales that your primary school-aged child will love reading and returning to time and time again. 

Titles in this collection

  • Handa's Surprising Day
  • Little Witch
  • Mr Tripp Smells A Rat
  • Lollylegs
  • Our Gags
  • The King's Shopping
  • Happy Birthday x 3
  • Robin Hood's Day
  • What Mona Wants, Mona Gets
  • Glog
  • Sylvie's Seahorse
  • Nick Mack's Good Luck
  • Parrot Park
  • Sadie and Ratz
  • Not Like Me
  • Ellie and Granny Mac
  • Jack's Little Party
  • Leon Spreads His Wings
  • Jake's Cave
  • Grandad's Bench
  • Toffee and Pie
  • Nelson
  • Drusilla and Her Brothers
  • A Heart For Ruby
  • Mia's Magc Uncle
  • The Lost Treasure
  • Kasia's Surprise
  • Comings and Goings of Parrot Park
  • Drawing Together

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